Silent Auction Baskets

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311 ⬥ Fancy Beauty Basket--Before we say "Kiss Me Goodnight"

A jewelry travel bag, incense, a candle, note cards, a trio of bath items (cotton jar, hand soap

dispensere, soap dish), jewelry, and the crowning element a sign that requests: Kiss Me Good Night!

 And there is more at the bottom  of this basket.

FMV: $100

Opening Bid:  $20  Min. Increase:  $5


312Create your meditation corner

A Colombian wool tapestry (approximately 40x20 inches) with an artist's woven/feathered basket filled with a hand made tribal puzzle, a hand-thrown Doni chalice, and three books to draw you closer to that meditative moment:  Add your own chalice candle, a tribal jigsaw puzzle and take a restorative breath.

Opening Bid:  $30  Min. Increase:  $5

313 Kick Back and Relax... You Deserve it.

A yoga mat, a bath bomb, incense, incense holder, green tea and camomile with lavender tea, a Doni heart, a candle, and some note cards.

Opening Bid:  $10  Min. Increase:  $5


314 ⬥ Isolation Exercise Basket

Basket of 9 exercise DVDs, including Yoga, Country Dance the Inches Off, Ballet Boot Camp, Bollyrobotics and others. Includes a set of 3 pound dumbbells (impossible to come by these days!), and an exercise stretch band.

Opening Bid:  $10  Min. Increase:  $2

315 ⬥ Hey Pretty Gal

Every teen will love this basket with its collection of a Kate Hudson's Pretty Happy beauty tips, glitter makeup, lip gloss, lavender incense, an embossed picture frame, a bath bomb, and a pair of swinging earrings.

Opening Bid:  $10  Min. Increase:  $2


316 ⬥ Succulent Fairy Garden 9" Pot

Lush succulents in a glazed pot with charming gardening fairies keeping watch. Perfect for your indoor garden.

Opening Bid:  $25  Min. Increase:  $5

317 ⬥A gardener's dream basket, plus a generous gift card from Rainforest Flowers

Resting in a hanging basket, a $100 gift certificate, hummingbird feeder, picture frame, artificial succulent arrangement, flower seeds and hose sprinkler.

Opening Bid:  $30  Min. Increase:  $5


318 ⬥ Lions, lions and a Pencil cactus in a terra cotte pot

The pencil cactus is lovely, but there is an bona fide collector's box based on the Lion King from the Disney film created by Paddy Gordon. The watering can completes this beautifully themed basket.

Opening Bid:  $20  Min. Increase:  $5

319 ⬥Walk on the wild side with an original oil of the king of the antelopes

Your safari begins with this exotic jungle plant -- a succulent that has corraled an original oil and

another sneaky zebra who crept into the photo.

Opening Bid:  $30  Min. Increase:  $5


320 ⬥ Harvest Snack Bag from Trader Joe's

Who cares if there is a pandemic lockdown.  Just take this abundant collection of chips, cookies, coffee and teas into your favorite corner and self-soothe. FMV: $60

Opening Bid:  $25  Min. Increase:  $5