Silent Auction Main Page

Note that, because of the special circumstances of this year, there are a LOT of silent auction items. When you first navigate to one of the Silent Auction pages, you will see twirling loading icons for the comments boxes.  Please just give it a minute.  Maybe go get a glass of soda or tea or a cup of coffee.

To bid on a basket, find the correct Silent Action page for the item in which you are interested and then scroll down to the item.  Each item has a comment box.  The top comment is the current bid.  You will enter your bid as the comment and enter your bidder number in the name field.  Ignore the Facebook, Twitter, and Google icons and the email address field.  If you are placing the first bid it must be at least the amount of the opening bid listed.  If you are not the first bidder, please  increase the bid by at least the minimum increase.

​Bidding on Silent Auction items will be closed in sections, starting with the higher numbers.This will be announced and you will have a few minutes to make one last bid. Winners will then be revealed. Please make sure you record any winning bids on your PO.

There are approximately 10 baskets on each page.  The pages are in item number order and the groups are in close order.  We will be closing the higher numbers first.  After your two minute warning, we will record the winners and close the group and you will see "auction closed in the comments for each item".

Group 1 - Baskets 371-381 - Page 8

Group 2 - Baskets 361-370 -  Page 7

Group 3 - Baskets 351-360 -  Page 6

Group 4 - Baskets 341-350 -  Page 5

Group 5 - Baskets 331-340 -  Page 4

Group 6 - Baskets 321-330 -  Page 3

Group 7 - Baskets 311-320  -  Page 2

Group 8 - Baskets 301-310 -  Page 1