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371 ⬥A little bit of everything fun for the young child

An Asian decorative doll, flower crafts, picture frame, a pair of sox in a heart motif, the mandatory whoopee cushion (oh, yeah) all guarded by a plush skunk.  FMV: $75

Opening Bid:  $10   Min. Increase:  $5


372Puzzles and Movies Oh My!

This basket says happiness: two jigsaw puzzles, happy birthday napkins, a jolly yellow picture frame and, Wahoo!, a $15 gift certificate for Netflix.

Opening Bid:  $15   Min. Increase:  $5

373 Wellness and Health Basket-- Stayin'  Alive!!

Here is a covid health and prevention kit: hand sanitizer, skin cleanser, eye hydration, chap stick, two  masks, sun screen, pill boxes, band aids, dental floss, cough drops, tooth paste, tooth brush, a pill splitter, and just case your life style requires it, a healthy jar of jewelry cleaner.

Opening Bid:  $10   Min. Increase:  $5

Price change!


374 ⬥ Doggie Heaven Basket

A wealth of doggie toys, plus a leash, two dog brushes, two soft balls for their sweet little jaws, a picture frame for Fido photos, and just in case, a pet masking scented candle. FNVL $100

Opening Bid:  $25  Min. Increase:  $5

375 ⬥ Charming aloe vera in a two toned pot

A cheetah lurks amidst the arms of this healthy aloe vera plant. This is a good plant for quick first aid -- burns and stuff.

Opening Bid:  $10  Min. Increase:  $5

SA Item 376 Masai doll - ann mcalpin.jpg

376 ⬥ Kenyan Masai Doll

Mother with baby. 

Opening Bid:  $20  Min. Increase:  $5

377⬥Christmas Themed Basket

It will be the special touches that make this holiday at home. And here is a variety of decorative items to enhance the day.  (Santa plates, pot holder, tree ornaments, even a Santa themed spatula and more.)  The wine in the basket is for Mr. and Mrs. Claus. And attention: a $25 Box-it gift certificate for professional wrapping.

Opening Bid:  $40  Min. Increase:  $5


378 ⬥Joy, Peace, and Noel Christmas Basket


Check this out. Christmas decorations for tree, kitchen, and the jolly elves at your house. This basket includes a 9 inch pie from Hazel Loves Pies. Information will be provided for getting your pie.

Opening Bid:  $20  Min. Increase:  $2

379 ⬥Christmas will come . . .

And with this basket of wine you'll be ready for in person or  virtual guests. (Virtual guests? More wine for you.) Four bottles of white wine in a embossed white container is all yours for a quick bid.

Opening Bid:  $20  Min. Increase:  $5


380 ⬥Bring the Beanie babies to your house: Christmas basket

You can't have too much Christmas, especially when the donations are so cute:  Green and Red Beanie Babies, Mickey Mouse ears, a Christmas card holder, tree ornaments, Christmas gift bags, coffee mug, spoon rest, and Christmas napkins.

Opening Bid:  $15   Min. Increase:  $3

381 ⬥Vodka Basket

How many ways can you drink vodka? These three bottles of vodka, three of ginger beer, and three helpful mugs will get you started. A recipie of vodka challenges is included in this basket.

Opening Bid:  $30  Min. Increase:  $10