Silent Auction Baskets

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351 ⬥ Signed New York Skyline Photo

This classy sepia toned print, matted and unframed, is 40" long x 7" tall. It would be perfect as an anchor for a collection of other prints or above a sideboard. This sweeping view of the city has been taken from the harbor looking back at the skyline.

Opening Bid:  $20  Min. Increase:  $5


352Old World Cafe Print

Exquisitely framed print of a courtyard cafe. Framed in a dark wood and gilt edge, you can fall into its soothing shadows and flowered balconies.

Opening Bid:  $20  Min. Increase:  $2

353 Original art by Jamie Moody--"When You Are Here Everything is Wild"

This mixed media portrait speaks out in vivid colors. Find a wall that needs a special statement... this beautiful woman will provide it.

Opening Bid:  $20  Min. Increase:  $10


354 ⬥ One of a kind art: "Conservative/Liberal" print

This is truly a conversation starter: side by side suited torsos.. Look at the angles of the ties in this political statement by David Cass, then speak up.

Opening Bid:  $30  Min. Increase:  $5

355 ⬥ Fall centerpiece

Antique barley twist candlesticks, vintage LED candles, fall napkins, table runner, decorative gourds. Plus a bottle of wine to start the party. 

Opening Bid:  $20  Min. Increase:  $5

Silent355 (1).HEIC

356 ⬥ A tantalizing hodgepodge of old and new

Antique jewelry cases, old glass door knobs, lucite napkin holder and iron shelf braces. Plus an ebay gift card for $100.

Opening Bid:  $30  Min. Increase:  $5

357 ⬥The Love and Peace Basket--a Blast from the Past

Reproduction of the Woodstock Festival on canvas, strobe lights, a pair of Yes We Vibe rainbow-hued  tennis shoes (7 1/2), two 60's colors head gaiters and the piece de resistance - a cell phone cover with the classic peace symbol. Then, folks, also a 60's wall hanging, a love key chain and a dream catcher key chain.

Opening Bid:  $20  Min. Increase:  $5


358 ⬥Amazing Violinist Mobile

Amazing Mobile Co. (the magical company who created this mobile) produced The Violinist. This precisely balanced wire mobile violinist actually bows across the wire strings. In white and black wire this piece can play for you anywhere you  please.  Of course, no sound (like singing in Zoom), but your imagination will be inspired by its very presence.

Opening Bid:  $10  Min. Increase:  $2

359 ⬥Bits of Texas all in one Tub

The Eyes of Texas are on this offering: Here in this little galvanized tub are Texas star wall hangings, Texas themed bookends, a bona fide cowbell, a red, white and blue resin boot, a tortilla warmer and a Texas hug. FMV: $125

Opening Bid:  $25  Min. Increase:  $5


360 ⬥ Wicker Tray of Goodies

Silver candlesticks, fairy lights, a live plant, tea towel all cradled in a silver dish.

Opening Bid:  $25  Min. Increase:  $5