Silent Auction Baskets

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341 ⬥ UU Humanist book basket

What is on the minds of those who consider themselves Humanists?. Here is a basket of books and lectures that might invite you into this mindset. Everyone from Dr. Seuss to Rev. Carlton Pearson.  History and biography. So many ideas packed into one basket.

Opening Bid:  $10  Min. Increase:  $2


342 ⬥Basket of Movie DVDs

Are you Netflixed out? Need more entertainment options? Here's a basket of 25 pretty much G-rated, (but not little-kid) DVDs for those long meeting-less nights. Includes a set of Dexter and NCIS

DVDs, among others.

Opening Bid:  $20  Min. Increase:  $5

343 ⬥ Pastel Shawl

Acrylic yarns, soft and cozy, 58" x 49" x 45"

Opening Bid:  $30  Min. Increase:  $5

Item 343.jpeg

344 ⬥ "Love is the Spirit" Framed Embroidery

Rev. Sarah designed and created this one-of-a-kind embroidery just for this occasion, inspired by the colors of the rainbow, the words of our covenant, and the love so freely shared here at Northwoods. Take home a piece of Rev. Sarah's new favorite hobby for yourself!

Opening Bid:  $30  Min. Increase:  $5

345 ⬥ Knit Brioche Cowl

Made to order--you pick the colors.

Provided by Meg Scamman

Opening Bid:  $50  Min. Increase:  $5

Item 345 Brioche Cowl.jpg
Item 345 Brioche Cowl.jpg

346 ⬥ Knit Brioche Cowl #2

Made to order--you pick the colors.

Provided by Meg Scamman

Opening Bid:  $50  Min. Increase:  $5

347 ⬥ Fleece throw knot blanket

Handmade with love and kindness by Jessica Weese, Jen Sansbury's sister.

Opening Bid:  $30  Min. Increase:  $5


348⬥Painting: Robot

This painting, entitled Robot, is by noted Houston artist Luis Abreux.  Turn the key of this striking modern painting's robot subject and step back.  She makes a bold color statement for any room and her clear eyed gaze prompts the viewer to wonder where the woman ends and the robot begins. Be

the adventurous buyer who finds out. FMV: $300

Opening Bid:  $40   Min. Increase:  $5

349 ⬥A study of the "Knife Thrower"by Henri Matisse

The mauve figure stands, arms raised, vulnerable... and one wonders is this the one who will receive the knife or the knife thrower himself? The stencil like leaves surrounding the figure create an exotic setting that takes the figure out of the realm of a mere stage performance. This stiking piece, a 16"x12" canvas oil painting with frame, was created by Northwoods member Phyllis Burchfiel.

Opening Bid:  $40  Min. Increase:  $5


350 ⬥ Framed 9 paneled tile design

As they say, this piece makes a bold statement: it is 3' x 3' in rich dark golds. The tile designs suggest Italian masters and interior decorators bending their heads over all of these designs and finally deciding that they wanted all of them. You can have them all in this imposing piece.

Opening Bid:  $40  Min. Increase:  $10