Silent Auction Baskets

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331 ⬥ Brut in a Boot

Maybe in a wild romantic moment you have drunk champagne from a classy shoe, but it you haven't here is the Texas basket for you.  These size 10 men's reptile skin cowboy boots cradle a magnum of choice champagne. You supply the romantic setting and enjoy.

Opening Bid:  $20  Min. Increase:  $5


332 ⬥ For the Connoisseur- featuring Tawny Port and Crystal

A star studded cloth basket with lead crystal decanter and 4 glasses, its own silver plated serving tray, and the feature: a bottle of tawny port.

Opening Bid:  $20  Min. Increase:  $5

333 ⬥ Research points to  . . .

heightened alcohol consumption since the March lockdown. Well, just to help the cause enjoy this basket of drink accessories. A bottle of wine, of course, woozie coozie, drink ID tabs, wine cappers, a flank and jigger, a collection of signs with pithy sayings like " WINE! Because no great story ever started with salad." And just in case, a breath alcohol detector.

Opening Bid:  $30  Min. Increase:  $5


334 ⬥ Unique high heeled wine holder!!

Elegance in a white, bejeweled high heel wine holder. Plus a silver plated tray and hand blown vase from Poland. Of course, there is a bottle of wine.

Opening Bid:  $30  Min. Increase:  $3

335 ⬥ A select container of Italian and California wines, plus

Gathered in a smart metal container, these 4 bottles of wine will bring holiday cheer to your table. Then add a $100 gift card to complete the ensemble.

Opening Bid:  $40  Min. Increase:  $10


336 ⬥ For good times: wine plus

Two bottles of wine in a hand woven two bottle basket, an electric cork remover, a pottery heart shaker from Doni, and of course, a petite two giraffe statue-- walking on the wild side!

Opening Bid:  $20  Min. Increase:  $5

337 ⬥ Northwoods Writes! Do we like words? You Bet!

Ever wonder what your hyper-verbal friends at Northwoods do in their spare time?  They write!!  Novels, poems, how-to books, original songs, short stories and then they gather them up for a

Service Auction basket.  Other treasures include a bottle of appropriately titled "Storyteller" wine and a mug decorated with choice insults from Shakespeare's plays.

Opening Bid:  $30  Min. Increase:  $5


338 ⬥ Serving the latest Addiction-- Jigsaw Puzzles

This collection of puzzles may keep you busy until the pandemic is over.  Beautiful animal themes, dragon and witchy themes, plus an organizer and a clever puzzle scoop  that saves those sections of puzzle you want to move and a magnifying glass for those times you need to scrutinize the smallest of details in the puzzle picture. Add a fun dice game This basket will keep you sane(ish).

Opening Bid:  $5   Min. Increase:  $5

339 ⬥ A Year's Worth of Good Reading

Books from this year's reading list, or curated selections of literary fiction by book group members.  Plus a Barnes and Noble gift card and a book-themed mask. All in a custom-made, retro dorm room style bookshelf.

Opening Bid:  $20  Min. Increase:  $5


340 ⬥ Shut the Box game plus two Google Play gift cards

A favorite pub game of sailors and fishermen. Bring this beautifully boxed game to your home. Then

use the two Google Play gift cards to add to the fun.

Opening Bid:  $20  Min. Increase:  $5